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Stephen P. Timoshenko

He investigated a number of new problems involving the stability of compressed bar. In connection with the Quebec Bridge disaster in Canada he started working on the theory of stability of composite beams and found simpler methods of solving problems.

In 1908, in addition to teaching duties, Timoshenko was given administrative responsibility which interested him little. In the U.S, Timoshenko felt the thoroughness of the training in mathematics and basic engineering subjects gave him enormous advantage over Americans especially in solving nonstereotyped problems. He also observed that there is a good communication between scientists and engineers in AmericSample Imagea than in Europe.

In 1927 a special Chair of Research in Mechanics was offered to Timoshenko. His lectures on Applied Mechanics at the University of Michigan attracted a large number of students from other departments and also young teachers.He published Engineering Mechanics, Theory of Plates and Shells, Theory of Structures and Advanced Dynamics. He wrote his last book on History of Strength of Materials where he traced the history from Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo to the present