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Student Associations

Students of the School of Civil Engineering are encouraged to participate in student asscociations, clubs and societies. This is an important learning process to inculcate soft skills and good values on students such as leadership and teamwork, social and communication skills, ethics and responsibilities, take charge and be accountable,  good working attitute, self-motivation and self-management. Three civil engineering related associations available for students to participate as a member are as follows

Civil Engineering Society (CIVES)

The Civil Engineering Society (CIVES) is an esteemed student organization at the University of Science Malaysia (USM) under the School of Civil Engineering, dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment for civil engineering students. Established in 2019, CIVES has been actively promoting knowledge sharing, skill development, and networking opportunities not only for its members but to all engineering students in USM. With a strong online presence on Instagram (@civesusm), the society has successfully connected with alumni, professionals, and fellow students across the globe. Currently, in the year of 2024, the currect committee members of CIVES have organized various types of events and projects in line with the university’s program that specifically designed to give recognition to student involvement through student development program that they joined during their whole academic calendar and recorded in a systematic and sustainable continuous pattern whis is known as Continuous Student Development Program (MyCSD).

ASCE Student Chapter

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) represents more than 150,000 members of the civil engineering profession in 177 countries. Through the expertise of its active membership, ASCE is a leading provider of technical and professional conferences and continuing education, the world’s largest publisher of civil engineering content, and an authoritative source for codes and standards that protect the public. ASCE Universiti Sains Malaysia Student Chapter was established on February 21, 2016.  

In addition to involving our university members in our events, we also arrange activities that are accessible to other school students. Our aim is to introduce them to our field through initiatives such as laboratory tours and mini newspaper bridge competitions. We intend to expand the number of events that are open to other school students. We have not only met but surpassed our initial goal, progressing from zero to one event that features a skilful workshop like the BIM Modelling Revit Workshop. Looking forward, our future strategy involves enhancing the exposure of our university students to various skills within the civil engineering field. This preparation will enable them to compete effectively in the job market against other candidates. 


  1. To foster and equip individuals with the resources needed for continuous learning, facilitating ongoing personal and professional development for members throughout their careers.
  2. Enhancing the technical expertise and understanding of aspiring civil engineering students by engaging them in ASCE Student Chapter activities.
  3. Advocating for professionalism and the field itself across society, elevating the reputation of civil engineers and exerting an impact on policy.
  4. Cultivating and endorsing leaders in civil engineering to expand the horizons of members, boost career advancement, and champion the welfare of the public.

Goal & Objectives

  1. Working together with other student organizations 
  2. Enhancing university students' supplementary understanding of the Civil Engineering field 
  3. Enhancing engagement in site visits 


  • Mailing Address: Engineering Campus, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 14300 Nibong Tebal, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia  
  • Email Address:  
  • Facebook: @usmascestudentchapter 
  • Instragram: @asce_usmkkj 

      Sustainability in Civil Engineering (SiCEx)

      Sustainable is defined as the ability to continue over a period. Sustainability in Civil Engineering means the desire to perform activities without any depletion of resources and bringing any harmful effect on the environment. Practising sustainable construction methods will help avoid construction activities' harmful effects. The theme chosen for this event is focused on sustainability leading to a better nation, especially within the Civil Engineering field. Hence, SiCEx 2023 has chosen the best theme to help the nation live better. The theme "Waste Construction Material" has been chosen. This theme is selected as a pioneer because waste materials are one of the significant problems our industry is experiencing throughout the year. Thus, SiCEs 2023 can be one of the best mediums to resolve these issues.  The establishment of SiCEx was under the guidance of Dr. Mas and 10 civil engineering students led by Nasri, president of SiCEx Academic Session 2020/2021. After that, a meeting was held to discuss further choosing a suitable name for this association. The name was formed from a combination of civil and exhibition. Furthermore, we also discussed sharing ideas to choose a suitable theme for the first exhibition program for this association.