Fabrication Workshop

The School workshop facility consists of a Fabrication Workshop. 

Students are welcome to use the workshops during office hours and the use of power tool and machinery in the workshops without supervision is prohibited.

We have a few number of machinery and hand tools to satisfy most modelling and Civil Engineering related course requirements. Where the services provided by the Schools does not meet student requirements, work can be outsourced.

Students can expect the following services from technicians

  • Safety supervision of their activities and machinery use.
  • Technical information about construction, materials and model making;
  • Some assistance with model-making projects including formworks. However during high activity periods, technician's available time to directly assist in production is limited.

It is the policy of the Schools , in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health rules and regulations, that the use of power tools and machinery be restricted to the workshop areas, and be restricted to use only during workshop opening hours (with supervision), and limited to those students who are trained to safely operate the power tools and machinery.

Students are permitted to use the carpentry machinery only after a special short familiarisation session (this depends on student background and experience, and includes passing a short practical test on completion).

Workshop technicians are generally available during normal working hours throughout the school terms