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The School of Civil Engineering is a well-established and modern multi-disciplinary departments and has a long tradition of providing postgraduate research opportunities in a very wide range of topics across the spectrum of civil engineering activities and has been widely recognised for the high quality of its provision. The School is strongly committed to continuous improvement and development of this work, which represents an important part of every academic area across the institution. The Department regularly attracts research students from industry, institutions and government departments. The graduates not only develop a career as high-quality practicing engineers, but are sought by top companies for their potential in management, finance, consulting and other senior professional positions. The School is active in both basic and applied research, the latter supported by strong links with industry. Much of the research is funded by government agencies a proportion is carried out in collaboration with, and financed by, industry. Almost all academic staff are having Ph.D. degree and have degrees and have served many years in teaching/research/consultancies. All areas of research in the School are supported by well-founded laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment and fully networked computing facilities with highly trained personnel.

The mixed-mode programme (coursework and research) is a structured programme whereby students are required to attend lectures, sit for examinations, write a dissertation and be orally examined. The programme is run based on a semester system and offered on a full-time basis. The Minimum duration is 1 year. However, the actual duration for graduation is very much dependent on the initiative and performance of individual candidates. The title of the research project will be mutually agreed upon between the candidate and his/her supervisor. For the award of the Masters degree, a candidate has to accumulate 40 units (including a dissertation).

Postgraduate programs by research

Graduate students in the research mode may choose any topic in their specific area of study. They will be under the supervision of the main supervisor or co-supervisor. In some cases, field supervisors are appointed by the university to assist the graduate. At the end of their study, the students have to submit a thesis to be examined. The graduate may be required to pursue prerequisite courses (if necessary) with or before undertaking the research activities. Applications and registration for research-based programmes are open throughout the year. The research can be undertaken on both a full-time and part-time basis.