The 4th RIVO-PPKA Precast Concrete Competition

The 4th RIVO-PPKA Precast Concrete Competition will be held on:
a. Date: 26 Nov 2014 (Wednesday)
b. Time: 2:30pm to 5:30pm
c. Venue: Auditorium 
This competition is made possible by sponsorship of RM5,000 by Rivo Precast Sdn
Bhd.   It was started in 2011.  This year will mark the fourth time such competition is held.
Five groups will be making their presentation on idea for a precast floor slab.  Judges including two from precast industry will evaluate the merit of students'
proposal as far as use of precast technology is concern.   Students will be judged on:
a. Economy aspect
b. Technical Viability
c. Ability to Present the Idea 
Winning teams will receive:
a. RM1000 - first prize
b. RM750  - second prize
c. RM500  - third prize
All are invited to join the event.