No.  Name Position Specialization
1. Fadzli Mohamed Nazri Lecturer Earthquake Engineering, Seismic Hazard, Structural Analysis, Numerical Smulation
2. Fauziah Ahmad Professor Slope Stability, Landslide and Risk Assessment, Ground Improvement and Soil Stabilization
3. Hareyani Zabidi Lecturer Engineering Geology, Rock Mechanics, Tunnelling Engineering
4. Ismail Abustan Professor Urban Drainage, Water Quality, Computer Modelling
5.  Lau Tze Liang Lecturer Microtremor Observation, Tsunami Load on Structures, Structural Dynamics
6. Mastura Azmi Lecturer Landslide due to Earthquake and Rainfal Effects
7.  Mohd Asraf Mohamed Ismail Lecturer Geotechnical Engineering, Fractured Rock Hydrogeology, Applied Geophysics and Numerical Simulation
8. Muhd Harris Ramli Lecturer Geotechnical Engineering
9. Noorhazlinda Abd Rahman Lecturer Human Crowd Behaviour and Dynamics Modeling
10 Rozi Abdullah Associate Professor Rainfall-Runoff Modelling, Statistical Hydrology, Rainfall and Flooding Forecasting
11. Shaharuddin Shah Zaini Lecturer Blasting, Progressive Collapse, Seismic Analysis, Seismic Resistant Design
12. Taksiah A. Majid Associate Professor  Earthquake Engineering, Wind Load on Building, Finite Element Modeling and Analysis