The nexus seeks to explore the frontier of knowledge in disaster management in the country to the level where it will be capable of leading activities in the region and internationally, driven by technology, for the benefit of Malaysians and the rest of the world, especially for the bottom billion, by employing sustainable and novel solutions through collaboration with worldwide research agencies and industries, involving commercialization of technology and leading expertise.



The mission of the Disaster Research Nexus (DRN) is to advance and to communicate knowledge on natural disasters mitigation, research and community preparedness, response, and recovery. Using an interdisciplinary framework, the DRN fosters information sharing and promotes integration of activities among researchers, practitioners, and policy makers from around the nation; supports and conducts research; and provides educational opportunities for the next generation of natural hazards scholars and professionals. The prime objectives consist of conducting fundamentally sound research of deep scientific interest, producing results which are reliable, accurate, and of practical use to both society and industry.  The Nexus will work closely with other centers and institutes within and outside USM. The Nexus welcomes opportunities for collaboration with private and public institutions, locally and internationally.


The missions of the Nexus are to:


  1. Focus on multi disciplinary strength to develop more structured unit in dealing with arising issues of natural / human made disasters.
  2. Coordinate the development of technology and expertise to deal with the broad spectrum of issues arising from natural / human made disasters.
  3. Carry out rigorous and cutting-edge research involving large-scale modeling of natural disasters, damage monitoring, risk assessment and hazards mitigation action plan.
  4. Collaborate and enhance partnership/networking with other national and international centers and institutes to extend the research to a broad social, economic and financial context.
  5. Provide resources and support services for Post Disaster Victims, Corporate Social Responsibility or Community Outreach and companies working on national and international projects that require natural disasters considerations.
  6. Establish One stop Centre for Sustainable Disaster Mitigation Research in the Region.
  7. Creating innovative venture involving commercialization and partnership with industry.