Ongoing Research


No. Environmental Engineering Water Resources Engineering
1 Kajian peningkatan dan  pencirian sawar semulajadi  untuk meminimakan migrasi  bahan pencemeran bagi tapak  pelupusan sisa domestic industri Kajian Kes Kehilangan Air  Tidak Berhasil (Non-Revenue Water) di Kawasan Seberang Perai Tengah, Pulau Pinang
2 Removal of colour, COD and ammonical, nitrogen from landfill leachate using anionic and cationic resin. Analyses on the stability of  irrigation canal embankment with geosynthetic reinforcement.
3 Utilization of Landfill gas as an alternative potential power  source in Malaysia Rational Method of Flood Estimation For Rural Catchments in Peninsular Malaysia.
4 Development of Software Based System For Local Air Quality  Management A study on the use of dissolved air flotation process for the treatment of low pH water
5 COD Reduction of Textile  Waste Water Performance submerged breakwaters with porous structure.
6 Monitoring and Modeling of BTEX in Various Development Statuses in Penang, Malaysia. Penggunaan GIS Dalam Sumber Air
7 Penguursan Sisa Pepejal Quality and Quantity Sediment  Study For Sungai Raja  Monsoon Drain 
8 Chlorination of landfill lechate. Object-Oriented urban   Storm water Model (USwM) for    Urban Catchments Runoff
9 Lab Scale Bioreactor Landfill to  Accelerate the the Degradation of Municipal Solid Waste and Production of Methane Gas by Leachate Recirculation. Development of Sprayer Nozzle Of Unpacked Saturator for  Dissolved Air Flotation Process
10 Bioremediation of Petroleum   Hydrocarbons in marine  environment. Determination of the  Conveyance Losses of the Canal System in the Kemubu Irrigation Scheme
11 Bioremediation of crude oil in costal sediments. Zonation and Forecasting of River Flood Hazard (Sungai Damansara)
12 Bioremediation for Non point  Source Pollution. Efficiency of Erosion Sediment Control Practice
13 Development of Air Quality Model Using Distribution Technique to predict and Manage air Pollution Concentration Exceedances in Malaysia. Modeling of the Cadastral    Survey Backlog of the Department of Survey & Mapping Malaysia
14 Proses Pengkomposan Sisa  Taman. Kajian Kes: Tapak Pelupusan Sampah Pulau Burung Non Point Source (NPS) Pollution Modeling Using  Geographic Information System  (GIS)
15 Investigation And Modeling of Particulate Matters During Haze Events in Malaysia Integration of non point model with GIS to study the effect of attachment characteristics on River Water.
16 A Study on Time Series Characteristics of air Pollution Concentration in Selected Malaysia Cities. Cadangan Aplikasi Alatan Ukur Laser Dalam Pembinaan Kordinasi Modular Ke Arah Selisih Toleran Sifar
17 Rice ash mix as novel adsorbent for cleaning air or gases pollutant.  
18 Environmental Effect of Solid Waste Disposal Facilities   
19 Removal of halogenated hydrocarbons from Synthetic Wastewater as              a model Study using Gold chloride nano particles


No. Traffic Engineering Highway  Engineering
1 Kesan Perabut Jalan Terhadap Kelakuan  Pemanduan. A Study of Porous Asphalt Subjected to Various Ageing Methods
2 Kajian Paratransit di Malaysia Kesan bentuk agregat ke atas sifat kejuruteraan konkrit asfalt
3 Study of the role of  rail based transport s/Demand on the sustainability of Effect Of Binder Aging And  Long Term Engineering  Performance Of Porous Asphalt
4 Kajian Teksi Sapu  
5 A Research on ITS Application in Vehicles  Impermissible Speed Control
6 Modeling the Travel Demand Behavior For Work Trips in Seberang Perai Selatan.
7 Penaikkan Taraf Jalan Dari Selorong Dua Hala kepada dua lorong dua hala dari seksyen 495 hingga 480 laluan persekutuan FT054 dan kesannya terhadap kemalangan jalan raya
8 Penentuan Parameter Untuk  Permodelan Pemisahan  Ragaman Bagi Pembuat Perjalanan Wajib.
9 Developing Indicators To Achieve Quantified Index to Address Sustainable Transportation for Malaysia in the Public Transportation.
10 The influence of advanced public transportation system (APTS) on travel behavior
11 Bus Performance and Its Contribution To The Sustainability of Transport System                                    


No. Structural Engineering Geotechnical Engineering
1 Properties of Concrete Block Containing Rice Husk (RH) Development of an erosion Malaysian  soil with regards to pattern, soil characteristic and shear strength of soils.
2 A Production of Lightweight     High Strength Concrete Using   Malaysian Metakaolin   (MMK) as Cement      Replacement Minerals. Mechanical response of fiber reinforcement in soil
3 Deformation Characteristics of Fired-Clay Brick Single  Leaf Wall on the  Strength of Masonry. Determination of the  Prediction of Pile Bearing  Capacity Using Artificial Intelligent
4 Composite Fired Clay Brick Modeling of Time Effect on the bearing Capacity of Driven Pile.

Development design response spectra for Pulau Pinang.

Hazard risk assessments on slope failures in Penang Island using GIS and remote sensing interfacing techniques                                  
6 Structural Stress Grading of Sarawak Timber As Construction Materials .  
7 Study of Creep and Moisture Movement of Malaysia Timber for Structural
8 Determining the Physical and Mechanical Properties of  Chemically Treated Plantation Timber
9 Ambient Vibration of Malaysian Tall Building
10 Finite Element Modeling For High Risk Building Due to Seismic Load
11 Wood-Chip a Replacement  Aggregate in Concrete Mix
12 Effect of Distance earthquake in Alor Setar
13 Influence Of Environmental  Curing Conditions On The  Properties Of Performance Of Concrete Containing Metakaolin.
14 Disaster response and mitigation plan for the reconstruction of safe building
15 Computer Simulation Onto Building.
16 FEM Analysis for Reinforced Concrete of Irregular Section
17 Kesan Penggunaan Konkrit  Ringan Berkekuatan Tinggi  Ke Atas Sifat-Sifat  Struktur  Bangunan Berbilang Tingkat
18 Analysis, Design and Prediction of Space Structures Deflection Applying Neural Networks.
19 A Computational Study on  Shell Surface with Folds                                     
20 Computational Investigation of Section Capacity of Open RC Section  
21 Research and Development of  New Precast Concrete Products in Malaysia
22 Deformation Properties of Malaysia Structural Timber
23 An Interactive  Computational Tool For Analysis of Tensioned Structures
24 A Computational Study on the Structural Behavior of Mega-Frame Structural System